Bar stocktaking

Possible reasons for High Deficits....


  • Wrong measures or incorrect selling prices

  • Excessive Beer wastage

  • Stock out on loan

  • incorrect sales/revenue figure

  • Inadequate control of allowances

  • Short deliveries or errors by suppliers

  • Stock not seen by stock auditor

  • Returned beer not recorded

  • Deliveries relating to the previous period

  • Dishonesty and theft

£ Could be Lost from your business.

Bar stocktaking

Pilferage - some methods....


  • Not charging for drinks

  • Under-ringing

  • Collusion by bar and floor staff

  • Supplying short measures to clients

  • Diluted spirits

  • Direct theft

£ Could be Lost from your business

Food stocktaking

Failure to Achieve projected Gross Profits.....


  • Plan your menu

  • Take advantage of "seasonal prices"

  • Buy competitively "shop around"

  • Buy within a defined policy

  • Buy in bulk only if appropriate

  • Order perishables in small amounts

  • Order daily goods (milk, bread etc.) only as needed

  • Check the weight of goods being delivered (meat etc.) on accurate scales

  • Check quantities, sizes etc. and counts on all goods

  • Security in storage areas of all high cost goods

  • Keep storage areas tidy and use stock rotation

  • Keep accurate records, including cost prices

  • Be aware of costs and set correct selling prices

  • Keep wastage to an absolute minimum

  • Adopt strict portion control

£ Could be Lost from your business

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