The Cellar Store

Goods inwards books

£8 each plus P&P

Keep track of all goods received in to your business! 50 duplicate sets, sequentially numbered, Gone are the days of lost paperwork, Keep accurate records from all your suppliers by using Goods inwards books!

Wastage & Allowance books

£8 each plus P&P

Wastage and Allowance books, each book contains fifty duplicate sets sequentially numbered.  keep a clear record of all amounts during a given stock period. No more " "guesstimates" ever again!

Bar requisition books

£8 each plus P&P

Specially designed for multi bar premises, each book contains fifty duplicate sets sequentially numbered. KNOW where your stock is going to!

Flexible dipsticks

£16 each plus P&P

Flexible dipstick designed for use when cellar space is at a premium and casks are double or triple racked. Designed by Bentley & Taylor they can be used on 9g, 10g, 11g or 18g casks.

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